Private Kindergarten

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Sugarland Learning Academy's Private Kindergarten provides children with both teacher-directed and self-directed activities. SLA encourages social, emotional, creative, and intellectual growth of each child. We strive to build a strong community within SLA, which children are comfortable with taking risks that are meaningful to them. 

Children learn best through hands-on discovery and palpable experiences shape the basis for mastering basic mathematical concepts and literacy. In social studies and science, students explore beyond their scope through classroom investigations of various settings and explorations.

The program, from 9:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. , balances structured work time with rich and various opportunities for play and outdoor recess. Children learn to work and play constructively, developing concepts, skills and work habits that continually reinforce each other and prepare them for increasingly sophisticated tasks.


The language arts curriculum is built upon three essential and interrelated strands: reading, writing, and speaking. Our program provides students with a secure foundation to ensure that they emerge as beginning readers and writers. Students are stimulated through various types of materials to demonstrate reading ability when it is developmentally appropriate. 

Students engage in various writing activities. Methods of writing instruction include: modeled writing, collaborative writing, shared writing, guided writing and independent writing.


Mathematics is used globally, which allows us to make sense of our world. In order to grow and reinforce  understanding of mathematics, students will have opportunities to experience mathematical concepts hands-on proficiently.


Science enables us to make informed, responsible decisions that affect our daily lives. Students participate in hands-on science experiments, which students will be able to ask scientific questions and make decisions based on investigation, observation and discussion of results.

Social Studies

The goal of our social studies curriculum is to prepare students to become responsible citizens in our community and world. As a result, students will make connections with the surrounding world and community. 


Our Spanish language program, taught by one of our native Spanish-speaking teachers once per week, encourages students to develop lifelong skills to communicate effectively. The curriculum introduces students to the skills of listening, speaking, reading, writing, and cultural competence.

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