Organic Children's Garden

Love and appreciation of Nature

At SLA, children are encouraged early on to develop a sense of responsibility towards taking care of the Earth. Our vegetable and flower garden provides the children with a hands-on multi-sensory environment.  Our garden not only provides a great appreciation for the environment, but also allows the children to spend quality time with their teachers outdoors.


The children will learn and participate in:

  • Nourishing plants with water

  • Keeping the plants healthy and lush

  • Observing pollination

  • Incorporating composted waste (from our kitchen) into the garden soil

  • Learn how worms enhance our soil by contributing to our school compost bin

  • Grow plants without the need of hazardous chemicals

  • Harvesting and eating from the garden

  • The older children will document the changes observed in the garden week by week (by writing and drawing in their          science journals)

  • The younger children will document the changes with a chart as a group with the assistance of their Teacher

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