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12 months - 24 months

Our Toddler program encourages children to learn and explore. Their little bodies are always on the go, and always challenging newly discovered mobility. At this age they are like sponges soaking up new words, new ideas, and learning to exert their own will. 


The children use their senses and develop their newly found problem solving skills to make everything more meaningful. We balance individual attention with group experiences and ensure that your toddler is using all that energy in productive ways. It is at this stage when toddlers develop confidence to speak those first few words and make their first group of friends.


Gross motor activity is a vital part of the day indoors and outdoors. The toddlers spent a good amount of time outdoors daily (weather permitting) enjoying their natural environment. Indoor gross motor activities are also encouraged daily.


Lesson plans are created weekly that incorporate multiple senses. Each day during circle time the children listen to stories, learn about the weather, days of the week, numbers, letters, and shapes. The day is packed with theme based fun-filled activities, games, art, songs, finger plays that excite and develop their skills. Teachers encourage the use of puzzles and other manipulative toys to help the children gain fine motor control. This stage also gives the children the comfort and confidence to speak those first few important words, as well as make their first friends.

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