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Sugarland Learning Academy is a private, licensed, local developmental school, which follows a strong academic curriculum for children between 6 weeks and 12 years old. Emphasis is placed on areas of academic importance such as math, language, art, social studies and science. Academics are balanced with various activities to provide the children the opportunities for fun. 


We embrace a philosophy of education that combines a loving, warm learning environment with a challenging Lean to Green academic program. Our school addresses each child's individual developmental needs through play-based learning. Our curriculum and daily experiences provide each child with opportunities for a fun, green, and enriching environment. Upon completion of our program, we believe that your child’s well-rounded experiences will provide them the necessary strengths for emotional, social, cognitive, physical, and academic growth.




Sugarland Learning Academy is a part of a multi-cultural community, which encourages diversity. We feel the experiences each family brings into our school adds a touch of uniqueness to the school's overall growth. We have created an environment that celebrates and values each and every child.


SLA embraces diversity including people of different backgrounds, cultures, views, and family structures. The children will play, learn and work alongside their teachers to encourage empathy and equity through the use of age appropriate activities.

Health and Safety Information for Families and Staff

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Sugarland Learning Academy at Leesburg

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Sugarland Learning Academy  at Sterling 

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