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Sugarland Learning Academy

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Our Approach

Sugarland Learning Academy is a private, licensed, local developmental preschool, which follows a strong academic curriculum for children between 6 weeks and 12 years old. Emphasis is placed on areas of academic importance such as math, language, art, social studies and science. Academics are balanced with various activities to provide the children the opportunities for fun. 

What Parents Think

We absolutely love it here! The administration is excellent, extremely responsive, and caring. The teachers are enthusiastic, motivated, and adore all the kids. We toured almost every single preschool/daycare center in the area. SLA was the best, hands down. And we couldn’t be happier with them. The food is thoughtful and healthy, the teachers focus on learning and social interactions, and the administration is an integral part of the daily ongoings of the school, not in a big office pushing papers all day. It also happens to be one of the least expensive preschools in the area. We could not be happier. (I’ve worked in the daycare system before becoming a parent - SLA is the real deal).


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