Diverse Learning Environments

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SLA's infant program welcomes babies as young as 6 weeks old. Trained and nurturing teachers offer a creative world for infants to help their minds and bodies develop. We understand every moment in a baby's world is precious and strive to stay committed to making you feel comfortable to call Sugarland Learning Academy your baby's second home.


The infant room is a special place where babies feel safe, secure and happy. We provide individual cribs; changing, play and feeding areas. We understand each infant is unique and have developed a flexible plan based on his/her unique schedule, and any other special attention he/she requires. Our teachers work as a team with parents to provide care that follows their personal preferences. Cleanliness is a top priority in our school and a “covered-shoes only” policy ensures clean playing, eating and sleeping spaces.


Our experienced and loving teachers lay the foundation for learning and help infants develop early cognitive and motor skills with age-appropriate games, songs and activities. The teachers use daily progress report charts to communicate with you about your child’s growth on a daily basis.


After the age of 12 months a child may begin to transition into the toddler program. Transitioning may vary, depending on the child’s developmental readiness and space availability in the toddler classroom.



Our Toddler program encourages children to learn and explore. Their little bodies are always on the go, and always challenging newly discovered mobility. At this age they are like sponges soaking up new words, new ideas, and learning to exert their own will. 


The children use their senses and develop their newly found problem solving skills to make everything more meaningful. We balance individual attention with group experiences and ensure that your toddler is using all that energy in productive ways. It is at this stage when toddlers develop confidence to speak those first few words and make their first group of friends.


Gross motor activity is a vital part of the day indoors and outdoors. The toddlers spent a good amount of time outdoors daily (weather permitting) enjoying their natural environment. Indoor gross motor activities are also encouraged daily.


Lesson plans are created weekly that incorporate multiple senses. Each day during circle time the children listen to stories, learn about the weather, days of the week, numbers, letters, and shapes. The day is packed with theme based fun-filled activities, games, art, songs, finger plays that excite and develop their skills. Teachers encourage the use of puzzles and other manipulative toys to help the children gain fine motor control. This stage also gives the children the comfort and confidence to speak those first few important words, as well as make their first friends.

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Preschool 1

SLA's Preschool 1 Program fosters a sense of wonder and an excitement for learning. The program is hands-on, nurturing, and developmentally appropriate.


At this age, children are making new discoveries daily.  As two-year-olds begin to exert their independence, our Preschool 1 Program encourages engaging in gross motor skills such as running, skipping, jumping alongside their peers.  The children learn best by being very hands-on, they have countless opportunities to explore, grow and try new things. Children are encouraged to interact and role-play in the dramatic play area. They have ample exploration time both indoor and outdoors (weather permitting).


Our curriculum is designed to have children engage in activities with small groups to stimulate the child and expand on communication skills, which is a vital portion to a preschool curriculum. They are encouraged to build and construct with blocks, produce art work, sing songs, and explore science through exploration. Each child learns to appreciate literature through listening to stories and engage in sensory based activities. These, as well as many other play-based activities, promote positive social, emotional, and academic growth. 


Children are encouraged to begin to trace letters, numbers and shapes preparing them for Preschool 2 classroom. This program is specifically designed to provide daily guidance for the independence that this age group needs. Some self help skills such as drinking from a cup, hand washing, independently cleaning up, and potty training are among the skills taught in this classroom.


* Children must be fully potty trained in order to transition to the Preschool 2 Program

Preschool 2

Sugarland Learning Academy's Preschool 2 program prepares the children for the transition into Pre-K.  As the children start to gain more self-esteem, become more independent, self-sufficient, responsible, and filled with new interests. Emphasis will be placed on independent exploration, structured activities and increased hands-on learning. The staff also provides ample opportunity for gross motor activities to keep them active and full of excitement throughout the day.

Our curriculum in this program builds upon established foundations such as language arts, math, geography, social studies and science. At this stage the children are introduced to our World of Phonics and each begin a Phonics workbook.

* Children must be fully potty trained in order to enter the Preschool Program

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SLA's Pre-K program prepares children academically and socially for a smooth transition into Kindergarten. Our curriculum is uniquely modeled to correspond with the curriculum and activities of Kindergarten. The children will build on previous foundations such as mathematics, language arts, science, art, geography and social studies. Emphasis is placed on the importance social emotional growth with an emphasis on compassion, sharing, communicating, problem solving, thinking critically, taking turns, working independently and working in groups.

The children engage in gross motor activities indoors and outdoors (weather permitting). Activities focus on study patterns, developing their senses, forming ideas, participation and relating differences and similarities. Theme-based activities are introduced weekly to help expand the children’s knowledge. In this program each child continues on with the second level of a Phonics Workbook.


(Leesburg Location)

Sugarland Learning Academy's Private Kindergarten provides children with both teacher-directed and self-directed activities. SLA encourages social, emotional, creative, and intellectual growth of each child. We strive to build a strong community within SLA, which children are comfortable with taking risks that are meaningful to them. 

Children learn best through hands-on discovery and palpable experiences shape the basis for mastering basic mathematical concepts and literacy. In social studies and science, students explore beyond their scope through classroom investigations of various settings and explorations.

The program, from 9:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. , balances structured work time with rich and various opportunities for play and outdoor recess. Children learn to work and play constructively, developing concepts, skills and work habits that continually reinforce each other and prepare them for increasingly sophisticated tasks.


The language arts curriculum is built upon three essential and interrelated strands: reading, writing, and speaking. Our program provides students with a secure foundation to ensure that they emerge as beginning readers and writers. Students are stimulated through various types of materials to demonstrate reading ability when it is developmentally appropriate. 

Students engage in various writing activities. Methods of writing instruction include: modeled writing, collaborative writing, shared writing, guided writing and independent writing.


Mathematics is used globally, which allows us to make sense of our world. In order to grow and reinforce  understanding of mathematics, students will have opportunities to experience mathematical concepts hands-on proficiently.


Science enables us to make informed, responsible decisions that affect our daily lives. Students participate in hands-on science experiments, which students will be able to ask scientific questions and make decisions based on investigation, observation and discussion of results.

Social Studies

The goal of our social studies curriculum is to prepare students to become responsible citizens in our community and world. As a result, students will make connections with the surrounding world and community. 


Our Spanish language program, taught by one of our native Spanish-speaking teachers once per week, encourages students to develop lifelong skills to communicate effectively. The curriculum introduces students to the skills of listening, speaking, reading, writing, and cultural competence.

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School Age

SLA's After School curriculum encourages children to be more confident, successful, and to be great achievers.  We offer a fun experience that encourages exploration and social development. Our goal is to complement the formal elementary education by engaging children’s minds.

Each day is fun packed with structured activities. Children will be given ample time to do their homework allowing time for individual care and attention. The After School program also includes reading, science, art, gross motor activities and Zumba. 

School-aged children enrolled in our After School program receive free transportation from:


Leesburg, VA:

  • Ball's Bluff Elementary School

  • John W. Tolbert Elementary School

Sterling, VA:


  • Sugarland Elementary School

  • Meadowland Elementary School

  • Horizon Elementary School

Summer Camp

Summer Camp Registration 2021 Coming Soon!

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Enrichment Activities

SLA's Enrichment Activities include:

Culinary Arts -Cooking with young children is a fun and educational activity. By participating in food preparation, a young child can learn many things such as fine motor skills, nutrition, sensory exploration, cooperation, measurements, shapes, following directions, following recipes, telling time and more!

Soccer - Uses common children's games to develop soccer skills, improve fitness, balance and enhance coordination.

Yoga - Promotes fitness in ages as young as 3 months. Teachers follow our yoga curriculum to assist in the developing sensory, strength, mobility and confidence. Yoga is proven to promote improved sleep and relaxation as well as digestion in infants in toddlers. 

Wee Little Arts - is a visual enrichment designed to help preschoolers tap into their inner artistes while developing self-confidence and molding imaginations.